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Industry experts agree that there are less than 500 qualified professional clubfitters in the entire world… far too few to serve the needs of golfers.

The confusing part is that there are tens of thousands of people who claim to be “professional clubfitters”, but they just don’t have the credentials and expertise. Sadly, false advertising and misrepresentations have completely misled the golfing public. Every golf instructor and chain store sales representative claim to be a “professional fitter”. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is no surprise when multiple studies have shown over 90% of the golfing public still plays with ill-fitting clubs.

KZG takes great pride in only working with qualified professional clubfitters. Since 2006, we have released an annual list of the world’s finest clubfitters. Each winner has demonstrated superior skill, integrity and passion for clubfitting. In a typical year, honorees hail from over 20 countries and work anywhere from small rural shops to large urban performance centers.

An independent panel of industry experts determined the criteria necessary to be considered a “World’s Top 100 ClubFitter”. From the criteria submitted, a point system was put into place to grade each application. The panel included Clay Long, a renowned club designer who is also the personal clubfitter of Jack Nicklaus; Gene Parente, president of Golf Laboratories, Inc. who provides robotic testing to the industry; Jennifer King, KZG’s President/Founder; and Dr. Christian Reichardt, author and doctor of sports medicine and golf fitness. Considered in the process are the steps that each individual takes when fitting a golfer, the extent of the equipment the individual uses for analysis, the individual’s reputation in the community and the individual’s involvement in raising the bar for the profession.

The following is a brief outline on what to expect in a real fitting and to ensure you have perfectly custom built clubs:


A true fitter is always probing the customer for information. The more information a fitter has, the better he/she can serve the customer. When a customer walks into a golf shop and requests a specific club to purchase, a real fitter would ask, “Were you properly fit for this club?” This question initiates the fitting process. The customer will open up to the potential benefits of a proper fitting or insist that the club was the right fit and be on his/her way. All customers are great, but a customer who gets properly fit is a returning customer who will also tell his/her friends about the experience. This is the goal of all genuine custom club fitters.

The professional fitter will also spend a great deal of time talking to you about your game. He or she may also work closely with your teaching professional to select the right clubs to maximize your game improvement. The fitter will check every club in your current bag and will likely be able to tell you which clubs are not working and why… based on just the specs!
A real fitter is also part psychologist. He or she will ask questions on whether you want a better game or an easier game (which typically equates to two different bags). Your goals will be considered and discussed. Some people have unrealistic goals and there must be a frank discussion on what can be realistically achieved. A real fitter will also explain to you every step and make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.


If you go to a chain golf store and a sales representative puts you on a launch monitor, hands you several different clubs, and says “hit theses and tell me which one you like the best,” you are in the wrong place! Proper clubfitting is a not a guessing game. Or if a PGA Pro has a fitting cart and hands you several clubs and asks “which one do you like,” you are still in the wrong place! In today’s stores, “fitting software” is also a grey area as it is often programmed to show what that particular store wants you to buy… not necessarily what you need. What if the “right” club was never handed to you? Or the software doesn’t even have the correct clubs in its program? Buyer beware.

True fitters will use a launch monitor for information to assist in swing analysis. They have the ability to explain all the information illustrated on the launch monitor and to educate their customers. Transparency is key! The fitters’ knowledge of clubhead dynamics and shaft profiles will allow them to create head and shaft combinations that will improve the customer’s ball flight characteristics. The fitter will look to improve ball striking while decreasing shot dispersion. Fitters will know, based on the launch monitor information, which component must be changed (clubhead, shaft, etc.), as well as, which variable of those components must be changed (loft, lie, frequency, length, etc.) during the fitting process to optimize the customer’s ball flight. Time is not an issue for true customer fitters, as their goal is to find the perfect club(s) for their customers, even if it takes half a day.


Although some fitters may offer their customers fitting specs, these may not always come to fruition when ordering. This is because many companies mark their clubheads and shafts differently and industry standards are almost non-existent. Many companies mark their equipment to salvage the egos of golfers… marking an 11 degree driver as 9 degrees, making their irons 2-3 degrees stronger, and/or marking a shaft as “stiff” when it is a soft “regular”. How can anyone really build or order what is on the specification sheet without a great deal more information. 


True fitters work with companies that produce clubheads and shafts that are manufactured under very tight tolerances. This means a 9 degree driver is really a 9 degree driver. These clubheads and shafts help the fitter/builder to create golf clubs that are true to spec. Real fitters who are also real builders are very diligent when working with club equipment. They use the right tools that are golf club specific to double check specs of club heads and shafts and ensure a quality build that fits the information found during the fitting process. All shafts are frequency matched to create consistent performance. We only know of one build department that takes all of these steps and builds to +/- 1cpm… KZG!


For true customer fitters, the sale is not the end of the process. All great fitters want to follow up on their work. Not only do they want the customer to be satisfied, but they also want them to play better golf. The fitter will schedule a follow up session, generally a month after the initial fitting to, again, get information from the customer. This time the information is the customer’s satisfaction and performance, which will help the fitter to make any necessary adjustments to further increase performance and consistency. A true fitter is always available to his/her customers for questions or concerns.

KZG is proud to work only with professionals who follow these steps and we are honored to showcase the best-of-the-best with our annual “World’s Top 100 ClubFitter” list.








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