Press Release


NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - November 11, 2005 - The world is crazy for hybrids. But how many hybrids are really right for the entire world? Only one - and it's KZG's new U-Iron, the first totally playable, fully customizable hybrid golf club. Featuring an enlarged sweetspot and a revolutionary head design that allows for easy adjustments of the lie angle, the U-Iron truly delivers on the promise of wood-like distance and iron-esque accuracy.

"As the #1 Custom ProLine, we saw the U-Iron as the logical next step," says Jennifer King, President of KZG. "There's a sea of shallow-faced hybrid or rescue clubs out there with tiny sweetspots and unbendable hosels. The concept is great, but at the end of the day, the benefit is limited to one type of player. Our goal with the U-Iron was to make a hybrid with a much broader reach, and that's exactly what we've accomplished."

The U-Irons' unique design begins with the face, which is flat like an iron and 50% deeper than a typical hybrid. The larger hitting area expands the sweetspot and eliminates the tendency to pop the ball up out of the rough or off the tee. At the same time, the U-Irons have the wide sole and low center of gravity that make them incredibly easy-to-hit. But their most exciting feature might be one that only the professional club fitter recognizes.

"The top line is straight as an arrow," says King. "That means when you slip a U-Iron head into a loft and lie machine, it actually fits snugly instead of slipping. Add to the equation our softer, proprietary stainless steel alloy, and you've got a hosel you can adjust four degrees upright or flat without compromising the integrity of the club. That's what makes the U-Iron more accurate than any other hybrid - players can actually get them to fit their swings."

With seven different lofts ranging from 14 degrees to 38 degrees, there are enough U-Irons to conceivably replace just about every club in the bag. And every golfer has their favorites. "When we tested the prototypes, better players called the 14-degree club 'the ultimate driving iron,'" says King. "At the same time our average golfers were thrilled with the set's overall ease of play."

The U-Irons will available exclusively through KZG Dealers starting January 1, 2006. Suggested retail price is $169 with a graphite shaft, $139 with steel.